One on One past life regression session:

Many of our life issues, such as:
Over Eating * Low self esteem * Lack of money * Hatred towards a person * Feeling guilty
Unhealthy relationships * Fear of success * Over protection
Originate from past lives experiences.

In a calm state of mind you can access “files” holding past life memories, and discover, clarify and resolve stagnant life situations.

What happens in a session?
1. You present the topic you want to address, sharing the current situation and where you want to go. We discuss the spiritual aspects and reasons for what is going on.
2. You go under a very light hypnosis and re–experience (see, hear, know) a past life and describe it.
The session is a dialog between us and is recorded for you to take home.
3. We analyze and draw meaningful insights from the past life we discovered.
4. We do retro–healing to clear the limiting beliefs.


Introduction seminar- Past Life – Current relationships (2 hours)

A realistic, scientific and humorous New Perspective of Life.
* What happens after we die?
* What is a soul – mate?
* How can you explain instant “chemistry” with a stranger?
* Why did I choose this “difficult” person?
* How can past life discovery/ regression improve my relationship with my spouse? my parents? my children? my boss?
Understand what happened in a previous life – and how it affects your life today!


Half a day workshop – group regression (4 hours)

After a short introduction to past life regression therapy, Orly guides a group regression. Lying down comfortably, the group will get a taste of how powerful regression therapy is and how the limiting beliefs we carries from past life traumas might impact our life today.

A discussion after the session will shed more light on what you saw and will help get even more clarity and depth to what you had experienced.


6 weeks Course – Past Life Discovery (3 hours each class)

In this fun, informative and experiential course, we will pair up and regress to our past lives in regards to these topics:
My calling – what is my unique contribution to the world?
My romantic relationships – How can we get along better, utilizing spiritual tools?
Parenthood – We as parents and as children to our own parents.