About Orly Arava

Orly Arava
is a spiritual life coach,
a Reiki master and a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regression and discovery, since 2004. Orly’s favorite subjects in high school were biology, chemistry, physics and math. This background formed a practical, empirical and logical view of the world, in Orly’s mind.

Being an avid reader of “The secret seven society” book series by Enid Blyton, made Orly perceive life as “a mystery waiting to be solved”.

Photography was her passion from an early age. After serving two and a half years in the Air Force, Orly chose to pursue a degree in film and TV and worked in the industry as a production manager and assistant director.

Later on, she “bumped” into past life regression work, were she applies the same principles found in science. There is a reason and a purpose for everything in the universe, including – human behavior.

Examples: Staying in a toxic relationship, sabotaging ourselves financially or not finding a soul mate – these all serve a deeper purpose. Uncovering the reasons why we bring upon ourselves such hurdles,
is the key to healing.

Orly views regression therapy as a collaborative detective work. You own the information and subconsciously, the reasoning and the tools for healing. Her job is to help you see the patterns  and release the limiting beliefs so you can have the life you desire.